Attacks on Hatefree campaign and Czech Diaconia

CzechDiaconiaOn the night of April 23rd the office of Czech relief and development organisation Diaconia ECCB was targeted by neo-nazis. The entrance was stained with paint and hate messages. Alongside Diaconia several other Prague based organizations  belonging to an anti-hate movement were targeted. These organisations openly state that they  deal with all people equally, regardless of their skin colour, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

We are alarmed by the rise of radicalism in Europe. We believe we must at this time to be very outspoken about our Christian position that all people are equal in the sight of God. In this we stand with Diaconia ECCB in solidarity and in faith.




Press release by Czech Diaconia – ECCB

26 April 2016, Prague. The Prague residence of the Diaconia of Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren has suffered together with other venues in Prague a neo-nazi attack of vandalism.

Apart from other venues in Prague, Diaconia ECCB has also been an object of an organised vandals’ assault. Except of other demonstrations of vandalism, those have both defaced and blackmailed the main entrance of Prague headquarters with “DEATH HATEFREE” scribbles.

We perceive the events from last weekend in Prague as extraordinarily alarming. The organisers’ target with such “protests” is undoubtedly to raise fear going viral and to menace those who had decided to support hatefree environment and equal approach towards the others. Diaconia ECCB will not step aside from their attitudes and will continue fulfilling their mission, i.e. helping all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion or their world opinion.

“We will not let us intimidated. The Diaconia has been, is and will be an open and safe place for all. Even by reason that our work is based on Christian principles. Hatred is no solution” declares Petr Haška, director of the Diaconia ECCB.

“Supposed we are self-confident enough, we don’t need to mark the space where others are sharing fair approach to every human being” says Jan Dus, director of the Centre of Relief and Development, commenting on the attack.

All venues or institutions having been damaged, are united in so called Hate Free Zone – hatefree or gentle places declaring their fair approach towards each and every human being. The Czech Diaconia is and will also be a part of these sites.

Download the press release here