Economic Partnership Agreements

This resource page provides background information published by APRODEV on EU trade policies and trade negotiations with development countries. A special emphasis is on EU trade negotiations with the African, Pacific and Caribbean countries, the so-called Economic Partnership Agreements for which negotiations started back in 2002…

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Most recently, CONCORD letters and briefings

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Joint NGO letters and briefings on EPAs

Letter to EU Development Ministers, December 2013 ;
Letter to MEPs, January 2013
EPA Briefing Paper to MEPs: Still pushing the wrong deal for Africa? 2012

APRODEV resources on EPAs (chronological order)

EPAs in (times of ) crisis: EPAs and Trade Defence Measures: Comparing bilateral and multilateral trade defence provisions, APRODEV contribution to NGO conference, April 2010

Background paper on EPA Indicators, APRODEV, 2009

EPA Roundtable: Trade efficiency or development for all?, 2009, organised by APRODEV, One World Action and the Commonwealth Secretariat, Brussels, 24 March 2009. Further reading: Concept note and presentations by Marzia Fontana: OWA Gender research in Mozambique, Jamaica, Tanzania; Tacko Ndiaye, UNIFEM: Women’s Informal Cross Border Trading; Christina Weller: Framework for EPA monitoring; Tilder Kumichii, GEED/ACDIC: Women watching local food markets; Peter Lunenborg, South Centre:  Benchmarking development in EPAs.

EPA Roundtable and Stocktaking meeting – Urgency for a development contest, 2008, organised by APRODEV, ECDPM and ODI, 17 April 2008, Brussels. Further reading: Presentations by ODI: Comparative analysis of liberalisation schedules and other commitments in the African interim EPAs; ECDPM: Dynamics of EPA negotiations and possible ways forward.

EPA Stocktaking: Urgency for a development contest, APRODEV Article in TNI (Trade Negotiation Insight), May 2008, Volume 7 Number 4

EPA Roundtable: Crossing development red lines? September 2007, by APRODEV, Christian Aid, ECDPM, Oxfam, 2007

EPA monitoring: principles and guidelines, by APRODEV and ICTSD, July 2007

Benchmarking EPA negotiations between the EU and SADC, Research paper by tralac, South Africa, July 2007

Consulation meeting: Johannesburg, South Africa, 1 October 2007 Abstract

Consultation meeting: Kingston, Jamaica, 7 June 2007

Research paper: Sustainable Development Benchmarks for an EU – Cariforum EPA, Research paper by University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, June 2007

Equity in Trade negotiations : A gender review of the EPAs, Article by APRODEV in TNI, 2007

Gender equity objectives in EPA negotiations, APRODEV presentation at Warwick CSGR, 2006

EPA Roundtable: EPA Gender Review, 2006, by APRODEV, CSGR Warwick University, One World Action, WIDE, December 2006

EPAs and Sustainable Development: Benchmarks for Pro-Development Monitoring of the Negotiations, by APRODEV and ICTSD, 2005

Gender aspects in Economic Partnership Agreements, APRODEV 2003

Economic Partnership Agreements, APRODEV Briefing paper, 2003

EPA’s- What’s in it for Women? – Gender impact assessment on Women in Zimbabwe, APRODEV, 2002

APE-Que peuvent en attendre les femmes? Negociations commerciales avec l’UE, by APRODEV 2002