Food Security and Climate Change : Towards climate resilient agriculture and food systems – ACT Alliance EU position paper March 2017

food secuirty and climate change

This policy paper sets out the ACT Alliance EU position on what we believe are the best solutions to build climate resilient agriculture systems and meet the right to food for all in developed and developing countries. This position is based on our comparative analysis of the currently in vogue ‘climate-smart agriculture’ framework (CSA) versus the alternative frameworks of food sovereignty and agroecology. Our analysis aims to assess which framework offers the best potential to build the adaptive capacities of small-scale producers, who play a key role in achieving just, sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture and food systems.1 It is framed by our values, which are rooted in the fundamental respect for the equality and dignity of all human beingsand the understanding that poverty and vulnerability to climate change are primarily the consequence of politically and socially constructed systems that concentrate power in the hands of the few.

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ACT EU PositionPaper Food Security and Climate Change – March 2017