Everything But Arms and Land Conflicts in Cambodia

CSO Letter Land Issue in Cambodia FINAL 18072017


New direction for EU Development Policy and Cooperation

The briefing paper presents an overview of current trends in EU development policy  and how they might influence decision making processes on the EU Consensus on Development, the MFF mid-term review or the post 2020 EU-ACP relations. Read the briefing


Keeping Seeds in Peoples' Hands

16 November 2016 The EU launch of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 on Keeping Seeds in Peoples' Hands  allowed the first public debate within the European Parliament on the international dimension of seed policies and regulations as well as  the implicit role of the EU. Invitation...

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Joint letter from Christian organisations on the EU migration partnership framework

ACT Alliance EU together with CCME and other Christian organisations calls on EU leaders to reject the new EC's proposal on the Partnership Framework that represents a turning point, with the virtually complete externalisation of EU migration policies. If not rejected, this proposal risks being the...

blacklisted NGOs Israel

ACT Alliance EU and EMHRN Letter to Member States on shrinking space for civil society in Israel and Palestine

ACT Alliance EU and EMHRN call on the EU react to the increasingly hostile public and political climate towards anti-occupation and human rights NGOs in Israel and Palestine. Find the letter here.

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