ACT Alliance call for a collective and rights based response from EU member states to the refugee crisis

ACT EU calls the EU and its Member States to adopt a fair and mandatory sharing of responsibility for refugee reception and to considerably increase the places for the resettlement of refugees from different crisis regions to European states proving their commitment to share the responsibility to pr...


Analysis of 6 EU country roadmaps for engagement with CS and recommendations for the future

The paper presents a desk anlysis of 6 country roadmaps and makes recommendations for their future implementation and review while recognising that the process is at its beginning and represents a qualitative step towards better engagement between the EU and CS at field level. See the analysis he...


UNCTAD Report on assistance to the Palestinians

UNCTAD warns that without resolute action now Gaza will become uninhabitable in less than five years due to the 8 years of closure and 3 wars. Find the report here


Resolutions adopted by EUROLAT in 2015

During the meeting held in Brussels on 4 June 2015, the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly, approved two resolutions which are important for EU-LAC relations. The briefing includes a summary of the two resolutions: - Urgent resolution on the Latin American and EU positions on climate c...


Trade embedded Development Models

Find the article here


EU and LAC relations: a bridge for change

Background note on why development, trade, human rights and violence against women in Latin America and the Caribbean should be a priority for the members of the European Parliament in the 2014-2019 period. Download the note in English or Spanish

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