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NGO recommendations for an external investment plan fit for development

When using ODA to leverage private finance through blending and bank guarantees, it is essential to put the right safeguards and criteria in place and to make sure that the investments contribute to rights based, inclusive and sustainable development. Joint CSO Recommendations on the European Ext...

food secuirty and climate change

Food Security and Climate Change : Towards climate resilient agriculture and food systems - ACT Alliance EU position paper March 2017

This policy paper sets out the ACT Alliance EU position on what we believe are the best solutions to build climate resilient agriculture systems and meet the right to food for all in developed and developing countries. This position is based on our comparative analysis of the currently in vogue ‘cli...

Concord advocacy messages April

CONCORD messages to EU and Member States for negotiating Agenda 2030 follow-up and review

CONCORD regrets the lack of ambition of current proposals for the monitoring and review of Agenda 2030 and calls the EU to ensure that robust and independent accountability mechanisms from local to global level are put in place. Read the messages here

seeds web

The impact of seed law reforms on food security in Africa

This paper outlines how seed law reforms contribute to the erosion of seed diversity, which is vital for climate change adaptation and food security. It assesses whether EU development assistance for African seed law reforms are coherent with the EU's food security objectives. APRODEV PCD Discuss...


Economic Partnership Agreements

This resource page provides background information published by APRODEV on EU trade policies and trade negotiations with development countries. A special emphasis is on EU trade negotiations with the African, Pacific and Caribbean countries, the so-called Economic Partnership Agreements for which ne...


EU Common Agricultural Policies

This resource page provides background information published by APRODEV on European common agricultural policies - with a particular focus on the need for CAP to be accountable on its external impact on food security in developing countries...   APRODEV policy papers on CAP reform 2013...

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