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Security paper

Background note on EU support to the security sector in Central America

The note highlights the fact that both the definition and implementation of a European strategy in the area of security in Central America is an ongoing process, characterised by its intricate set of national, regional and international agendas and actors. The central question arises of how the E...


ACT Alliance position papers on SDGs

ACT Alliance's principle asks of the new SDGs on promoting and building good governance, ensuring peace, ending inequalities (between states and between people), and ensuring that all development activities are environmentally sustainable. Find the position here


The strategic EU-CELAC relationship: Pending assessment

The analysis argues that the political objectives of the conventional Bi-regional Association need to be renewed, especially the notion of “sustainable development”. The purpose of the bi-regional strategic partnership pursued since the Rio de Janeiro Summit in 1999 now needs to be revised, especial...

grain land grabs

The Role of European Development Finance Institutions in Land Grabs

The Role of European Development Finance Institutions in Land Grabs

FAQ resize

ACT Alliance EU - "EU FAQ on the ICC and Palestine"

Palestine is, since April 2015, State Party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. This factsheet clarifies the legal meaning of this development. Find the FAQ here


EMHRN Statement on the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Our colleagues from EuroMed Rights deeply regret that the review of the European Neighborhood Policy is a step back on previous policies with regards to respect for human rights and democracy promotion. Find the report here

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