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Diakonia IHL Resource Centre's legal brief - "Litigating Settlements"

This report reflects on the legal implication of the Rome Statute over Israel's settlement policy given that no case considered by the Israeli judicial system has reversed or otherwise meaningfully restrained Israel's settlement policy.

Aid Wacht

CONCORD Aid Watch report 2015

The 2015 Aid Watch report looks at the new Development framework and how EU and Member States can ensure that their Official Development Assistance delivers real benefits for those suffering from poverty and inequalities. Find the report here


Diakonia IHL Center legal brief "From fact-finding to ending impunity"

A UN Commission of Inquiry dispatched by the HRC to look into violations of international humanitarian law by the Israeli military and by Palestinian armed groups during the latest conflcit in and around Gaza. This leagl brief looks into the implications of its finding for the international communit...


Leave no one behind in Paris

In a few days the 21st International Conference on Climate Change (COP21) will start in Paris aiming at reaching a post-2020 climate agreement involving all countries in the world. The issues and challenges are complex and need ambitious solutions to keep global warming below the catastrophic thresh...


Report on the Right to Food in Guatemala

ACT Alliance EU, CIFCA and CIDSE networks and social movements launch the long-awaited report on the 3rd International Mission on the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition  and the situation of human rights defenders in Guatemala. The Mission undertook intensive fieldwork and held several meetings...

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Diakonia IHL Resource Center's legal brief and FAQ: the Case of Wilful Killings in the West Bank

This legal brief mades a legal analysis of the very concerning report suggesting excessive use of force and live ammunition by Israeli security forces against Palestinians during law enforcement activities in the West Bank. Find the analysis here  

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