Press Release: Ambition & Equity must frame European Summit

Today will be the biggest decision on climate change that EU leaders make in 2019 so far. ACT Alliance EU calls upon EU leaders to agree an EU net-zero target that will require the Union to reduce emissions greatly and speedily, through greater efficiency and the use of renewable energy, to an extent in line with the 1.5ºC goal of the Paris Agreement. This is an imperative if the world is to have any hope of quelling the ever-worsening impacts of climate change.


With such an important discussion in play, ‘’I would urge EU countries to keep in mind the recent cyclones that have swept across the Global South; including cyclones Idai, Kenneth and Fani, which have caused an estimated $3.2Billion in damages alone, and cost the lives of over 1000 innocent people[1][2][3]. These climatic events are causing untold misery and are leaving the world’s poorest countries with billions in debt, a burden that they urgently need support with’’ says Floris Faber, Director, ACT Alliance EU.


As such, ‘’It is imperative that when agreeing the new EU target, that EU leaders also reflect on how this target contributes to the global effort to tackle climate change, and whether it represents the EU’s fair-share of global emissions reduction’’ says Floris Faber, Director, ACT Alliance EU. Such action should help to strengthen confidence in EU commitments to tackling climate change in an equitable manner.


‘’Building trust in EU actions ahead of the UNSG Climate Summit will require the EU to commit to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040 and 65% emission reductions by 2030. Net-zero by 2050 is simply not enough: we need a target with transformative change, as soon as possible’’ says Floris Faber, Director, ACT Alliance EU.


EU leaders should reflect upon how to support the needs of the most vulnerable, who are already feeling the impacts of climate change the most, despite having contributed to climate change the least. ‘’Losses and damages that are greater than anyone can possibly adapt to are already ravaging many developing countries and destroying livelihoods. What developing countries need is access to support to help them tackle this challenge’’ says Floris Faber, Director, ACT Alliance EU.


What’s more, ‘’The EU must back-up its commitment to a successful replenishment of the Green Climate Fund and ensure that there’s an at least re-doubling of global climate finance, which must be provided in a balanced manner between both mitigation & adaptation projects’’ says Floris Faber, Director, ACT Alliance EU.



Leia Achampong, Policy Officer, Climate Justice, +32 466 36 50 87


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