ACT Alliance EU Webinar: Exploring narratives on the Migration-Development nexus

From 09 Nov 2021 to 09 Nov 2021
Location:Zoom Webinar

How can the future EU-Africa partnership maximise the development impact of migration and mobility?


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Almost 15 years ago, the European Union (EU) and African leaders came together to define the future direction for cooperation between the two continents, resulting in the 2007 Joint Africa-EU Strategy. In March 2020, the EU released its communication on a new comprehensive strategy with Africa, promising to ensure a “balanced, coherent and comprehensive approach to migration and mobility, based on the respect for human rights and international law”. After years of debates and negotiations, differences persist in how the issue of migration is perceived in Europe and Africa: from a mostly development-driven approach on the African side to one still rooted in a security-driven nexus in the EU. Yet, within these divergent narratives on migration, there exist areas of convergence on which common strategies and actions can be built.

In the lead-up to the 6th EU-Africa summit planned for early 2022, ACT Alliance EU together with Caritas Europa and Caritas Africa convenes a virtual roundtable discussion that will explore how to maximise the development impact of migration and mobility in the future EU-Africa partnership. Participants will engage in an informed dialogue on priorities and challenges of the ECOWAS agenda on regional mobility, migration and integration, on the development potential of migration in origin and destination countries and on possible ways for the EU and the AU to cooperate and invest more on regular migration and protection of migrants’ rights. The discussion outcomes are expected to help shape the new framework for the EU-Africa partnership on migration.

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