Call for EIB’s reforms to achieve a green and sustainable recovery – CSOs Open Letter to EIB Governors

On 14th June 2021, ACT Alliance EU joined 23 Civil Society Organisations in sending an open letter to EIB Board of Governors calling for structural changes of EIB’s business model and practices with a view to improving social impacts, transparency and sustainability of its operations while supporting a fair and green recovery.

To bring the bank onto a sustainable path and enhance its contribution to the transformation of European economy and society in the public interest, CSOs provided 6 key recommendations:

  1. Deliver on climate commitments and make the EIB a climate leader
  2. Further democratise the EIB
  3. Reinforce external scrutiny
  4. Raise the bar on transparency
  5. Prioritise the protection and promotion of human rights
  6. Strengthen due diligence and control over investments

Read the full letter here

Read the press release here