Calls for a people-centred, fair and sustainable recovery: New Policy Paper on EU future priorities for development cooperation

A new policy paper by ACT Alliance EU highlights key learnings and recommendations for attention and priority in the post-Covid era and to feed into the broader debate on the post-Covid recovery process.

To enable an equitable and sustainable recovery that leaves no one behind and to pursue the sustainable development goals, we argue that the priorities of development cooperation need to shift towards more people-centred and community-led approaches. Engaging women and youth and giving them a leading role will be critical to achieve the needed social, economic, and ecological transition.

We also explore effective modalities for working with and in support of local actors in both humanitarian aid and development cooperation, including by implementing a triple nexus approach rooted in their realities and practice. We conclude with recommendations on how development finance, Policy Coherence for Development and a strategic use of ODA can contribute to these objectives.

Read the paper here.