EU: Hear the wake-up call of science – take immediate climate action

Opening of IPCC AR5 WG II session today (25.03.14) in Yokohama, Japan

IPCC AR5 WG II finalising report on climate change impact, adaptation and vulnerability

EU: Hear the wake-up call of science – take immediate climate action

Today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report 5 (AR5), Working Group II on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability started finalising the draft report submitted by global climate scientists in Yokohama, Japan.

“The EU needs to hear the wake-up call from international science. It has to tackle climate change with the necessary urgency and determination. The draft report of the WG II of the IPCC AR 5 on the impact of climate change speaks a clear language. Climate change has started to show its ugly face around the world. In many parts of the world, the poorest who are also the most vulnerable, feel already the impact of a changing climate. Water and food stress have increased. Today, it is the most vulnerable who face the impact, but in a future 4-6 degrees warmer world, 90% of the world population would be affected according to the draft report.”

Voices from the South:

Annabelle Wititu, coordinator at the Institute of Environment & Water, a climate organization in Kenya that partners with APRODEV Member Diakonia, witnesses: “You can’t predict the rainy and dry seasons anymore. The result is that the men move to take up employment in the city. The women who stay here and take care of the household and their children carry a heavy load. They spend half their days fetching water and wood and planning meals.”

Mithika Mwenda, one of the founders of the Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), stresses: “You no longer need to be a scientist to prove that climate change is real. I see it every day in the form of floods, droughts and erratic weather.”

Consequences for the EU: “Only urgent and ambitious action to curb Greenhouse gas emissions can save the world from the worst. The EU has the know-how and the experience to roll-out immediate action to re-structure the EU economy to become truly decarbonised within the next decades as deemed necessary by science. It has the moral obligation and the financial means to support developing countries in their struggle to adapt to the worst effects of a changing climate and to set out on alternative, low-carbon development pathways. Instead the EU is putting its head in the sand and pretends not to hear and see the consequences of its continued emissions. What are you waiting for, EU?”

Contact: Janna Schönfeld, Climate and Development Policy Officer, APRODEV, tel: 02 234 56 68

Press release to download here: press_release_ipcc_ar5-wgii 2014