Exploring narratives on the migration-development nexus in the future Africa-EU partnership – Event report

In the lead-up to the 6th AU-EU summit taking place in February 2022, ACT Alliance EU, in collaboration with Caritas Africa and Caritas Europa, convened a virtual roundtable discussion on 9th November 2021 which focused on how to maximise the development impact of migration and mobility in the future Africa-EU partnership. Participants were engaged in an informed dialogue on priorities and challenges of the ECOWAS agenda on regional mobility, migration and integration and on possible ways for the AU and the EU to cooperate and invest more on regular migration and protection of migrants’ rights.

Our event report summarises the highlights of the dialogue and provides the key takeaways and recommendations both the AU and EU should build on in the future partnership on migration and mobility. In particular, there is the need for the two continents to:

  1. Build a holistic and balanced partnership embracing interests and priorities of both parties
  2. Ensure policy coherence and respect for human rights
  3. Enhance meaningful engagement with CSOs and Diaspora
  4. Invest in intra-African mobility for sustainable development and economic integration
  5. Invest in legal pathways for migration and mobility and in addressing the root causes of forced displacement
Read the event report here

*A French version will be published soon*