Vulnerable, developing countries need the European Green Deal to outline bold action, to help reduce the risks of loss and damage


ACT Alliance EU Advisory ahead of the release of the European Green Deal

Vulnerable, developing countries need the European Green Deal to outline bold action, to help reduce the risks of loss and damage

A clear message from the huge climate marches that brought together young people, faith leaders, civil society and more, is that more action to tackle climate change is needed. And that more solidarity needs to be shown with our developing country counterparts in the Global South who are experiencing the effects of climate change the most.

“Developing countries are experiencing severe climate impacts now and in many cases do not have the resources to address these impacts before or after an extreme climatic event strikes, meaning that they are more likely to suffer from sustained loss and damage” Floris Faber, ACT Alliance EU Representative.

ACT Alliance EU expects the EU to play a leadership role by developing and implementing a European Green Deal that is 1.5°C compliant, and includes concrete measures and timelines of action to drastically reduce EU emissions, in order to reduce the risk of further losses and damages.

“Now more than ever, developing countries need the EU to step-up and commit to the level of action outlined in the latest UNEP Emissions Gap report, namely 67% emissions reductions by 2030 and present its enhanced and updated Paris Agreement commitments by March 2020” continues Faber.

“The EU must also use the opportunity of the European Council this week to adopt a new ambitious long-term goal of net-zero emissions by 2040, and action efforts and activities abroad that provide adequate support for developing country allies in the Global South, including through finance and capacity building” says Faber.

Doing so would demonstrate how the EU is reacting to the European Parliament declaration of a climate and environment emergency, and European Parliament’s calls for climate justice in its COP25 resolution.

“Scaled-up ambition in the short and long-term will help reduce the risks of more irreversible losses and damages. Developing countries can’t afford to continue experiencing the vicious cycle of losses and damages caused by insufficient action to address climate change” says Leia Achampong, Policy Advisor, ACT Alliance EU.

ACT Alliance EU also urges the EU to continue to uphold human rights and to champion the use of gender-response measures in EU and EU Member State policies, including the European Green Deal. There is still time to ensure that all EU Member States’ National Long-term Strategies (LTS) and National Energy & Climate Plans (NECP) contain language on how they will implement gender-responsive measures to tackle the climate crisis. The existing NECP template contains a box on gender for just this reason.

The Human rights of all EU citizens, particularly indigenous communities within the EU must be upheld.

“The EU must champion gender-responsive measures and human rights as part of the European Green Deal and EU climate diplomacy strategy, in order to ensure that all countries follow a climate just framework” continues Achampong.



Leia Achampong, Policy Officer, Climate Justice, ACT Alliance EU: +32 466 36 50 87.



  • European Green Deal will be released on 11 December.
  • A complete package outlining actions to carry-out the European Green Deal is expected to be released in February or March 2020.
  • Expected proposals within the European Green Deal include:
    • A Climate law which would include the EU 2030 emissions reduction target and new EU 2050 net-zero target, to make them legally binding;
    • A proposal for a Just Transition Fund;
    • Plans to create a Farm to Fork strategy that would create sustainable food systems in Europe by 2030;
    • Plans to address biodiversity decline via an EU biodiversity strategy;
    • Plans to implement a new circular economy strategy;
    • Plans to create a zero-pollution strategy.



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