Which role of migration in Global Europe implementation? New Policy Paper setting the higher standards

The EU has finally reached an agreement on its overall budget for 2021-2027 and will roll out Global Europe – the new EU development cooperation instrument- which includes a funding allocation, or conditionality, to migration-related activities.  Although Global Europe should be in line with the EU commitment to poverty reduction, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the ‘leave no one behind’ principle, there is a risk that official development assistance (ODA) will be diverted to the externalisation of EU migration policies through an agenda aiming to contain migration, using primarily security approaches.

The recent Concord’s policy paper, to which ACT Alliance EU contributed, aims to critically assess some key risks that Global Europe’s approach to migration entails – with evidence -, while suggesting which types of projects and programmes as well as unexplored areas the EU should focus on for the migration actions under this instrument. Lastly, the paper gathers innovative and forward-looking recommendations guiding the implementation of the share of the Global Europe budget earmarked for migration-related activities, which should be based on development effectiveness principles, transparency, and respect of partnership commitments.

Read the paper here.