EU Common Agricultural Policies

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APRODEV policy papers on CAP reform 2013

CAP Reform 2013 Statement

CAP Lobby Brief 1: The international responsibility of the CAP

CAP Lobby Brief 2: Trade Defense Measures

CAP Lobby Brief 3: Preventing dumping

CAP Lobby Brief 4: EU imports of animal food

CAP Lobby Brief 5: Standard setting

CAP Lobby Brief 6: Indexation of direct payments

CAP Lobby Brief 7: Mitigating GHG emissions and promoting sustainable agriculture

APRODEV commentaries

Outcome of EP Plenary vote on the CAP Reform on 12 March 2013

APRODEV CAP Reform 2013 statement

APRODEV letter to Commissioner Ciolos on Rio+20 and the CAP Reform, February 2012

APRODEV COMMENTARY on legislative proposal on CAP reform, December 2011

COMIC on EU farm policy still harms poor countries – it’s high time for change, 2012


Thematic issues – various

Crop Rotation in the CAP reform: Relevance of WTO constraints, benefits and control, February 2013, APRODEV Expertise

Crop Rotation in the CAP reform: Legal advice on CAP Reform versus WTO: Crop Diversification or Crop Rotation, February 2013

Crop rotation: Benefiting farmers, the environment and the economy, July 2012, APRODEV Briefing Paper

EU Horizon 2020 – Agricultural research for sustainable agriculture and global food security, October 2012, APRODEV Policy Brief

APRODEV CAP Policy Brief – Monitoring and Complaint Mechanism March 2012, APRODEV Briefing

APRODEV CAP Policy Brief – History of Trade, October 2011, APRODEV Briefing

EU’s Common Agricultural Policy : Tools protecting European Farmers, 2011, by South Centre


Consultation on CAP reform 2013

APRODEV Submission to EC Consultation on CAP Impact Assessment, January 2011

APRODEV Discussion Paper on CAP – Submission to the public debate on the future of the CAP reform 2013, July 2010



December 2005: Request for a fair sharing of the burden of EU sugar reform – APRODEV-CIDSE paper

June 2005: Sugar reform: Sweet gifts for the sugar industry – bitter pills for developing countries. Will the UK
presidency make a difference?

May 2005: Press release: Complaints over sugar dumping confirmed by WTO Appelate body

April 2005: EU Sugar Regime reform – Recommendations from a development perspective – APRODEV-CIDSE paper

June 2004: Statement from development and environment NGOs to Commissioner Fischler

April 2004 : NGO Conference on « Promote Food Security by ending agricultural dumping – the unfinished agenda »



On 1 January 2015 APRODEV integrated into the global ACT Alliance. We are now known as “ACT Alliance Advocacy to the European Union” or “ACT Alliance EU” for short.