Contributions to EP report on Latin America

Key recommendations for the Development Cooperation Instrument regarding Latin America:

– Revise the differentiation criteria, by including analysis of poverty, human development and inequality, as well as the actual amount of the EC aid. This analysis would lead to maintain regular bilateral cooperation at least with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

– Elaborate and implement phase-out strategies with the remaining countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela) progressively over the next MFF period. Base them on political dialogue with the partner country, taking the reduction of inequality as a point of departure.

– Maintain differentiated policies on country-by-country basis. At country level, decisions relating to the total envelope of ODA and its spreading between priority sectors and aid modalities.

– Base the strategic partnership between the EU and Latin America on policy coherence for development. An action plan on policy coherence and its monitoring would allow permanent dialogue on the coherence of different policy areas in poverty reduction between the regions and support the emerging economies to adopt same coherent policies towards their neighbours.

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