COP25 Expectations Paper: How can the EU ensure that COP25 results in Climate Just outcomes?

ACT Alliance EU: COP25 Expectations Paper

COP25: 2nd – 13th December – Madrid, Spain

Globally, developing countries have been ravaged by unprecedented extreme climatic events this year. After almost 40 hours the strongest hurricane on record to have ever hit the Bahamas finally swept passed, but Hurricane Dorian left a trail of destruction that will take communities and the economy years to recover from. India suffered from a prolonged period of heatwaves, followed by a drought that drove thousands of people from their homes in search of water; after which, ‘’destructive floods and landslides’’ swept across the country impacting livelihoods.

In this paper, ACT Alliance EU sets out how the EU can ensure that COP25 results in climate just outcomes.


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