EFSD+: stronger safeguards are needed when using ODA to leverage investments

A woman reading a book next to a graffiti illustrating the 5th priority of the Juncker's Commission: "A deeper and fairer economic and monetary union", at an artist collectiv called Les Frigos, in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris, France.

ACT Alliance EU is seriously concerned by the proposal put forward by the European Commission for the creation of a new European Fund for Sustainable Development ‘Plus’ (EFSD+).

Compared to the existing EFSD regulation, the new EC proposal provides much less predictability, regulation and safeguards while at the same time broadening its scope and geographic coverage and the potential level of EU ODA allocated to it. Our concerns are summarised in a ten point document prepared together with CONCORD and Eurodad.

CONCORD & Eurodad paper on EFSD+ : Ten areas to consider in the NDICI Regulation

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