EU trade policies

This resource page provides background information published by ACT Alliance EU, previously APRODEV, on EU trade and investment policies with developing countries, bilateral trade negotiations and WTO negotiations on the Agreement on Agriculture…

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Generalised System of Preferences

(APRODEV has been a co-chair of the CONCORD trade reference group )


EU trade and development policies

Trade, Growth and Development: tailoring trade and investment policy for countries most in need, APRODEV Article, January 2012
APRODEV Submission to EC Consultation on Trade, Inclusive Growth and Development, September 2011
APRODEV Submission to EC Consultation on a future EU Trade Policy, July 2010

EU Trade Policy: Impact of Lisbon Treaty, APRODEV Brief, March 2010
Trade and Governance – Does Governance matter for Trade? APRODEV Background Paper, November 2008


Trade and Gender

(For EPA trade negotiations and gender aspects, see resource page on EPAs…)

Gender impact on women workers and producers: EPAs and Women in Africa, Contribution by APRODEV to the UNECA ATPC Inception Workshop on Mainstreaming Gender into Trade Policies, Addis Abeba, April 2009
APRODEV Work on Trade, Food Security and Gender, Interview with APRODEV published by Trade and Gender News of the Commonwealth Secretariat India, GATI, 2009
Think Small First, APRODEV contribution to UNCTAD India International Seminar on Moving Towards Gender Sensitation of Trade Policies, New Dehli, February 2008
Equity in Trade negotiations : A gender review of the EPAs, Article by APRODEV in TNI April 2007, Vol 6 No 2
Entry points for gender equity objectives- A pro-development benchmarking approach on monitoring EPA negotiations, APRODEV contribution to CSGR Warwick Seminar , Warwick, April 2006
Gender and Trade,- Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance Briefing paper, 2003
Gender Budgeting: Links between gender, aid and trade, by APRODEV and ERO, 2002


Manual to the EU’s approach to Free Trade Agreements

(These EU FTA Manuals are posted with kind permission of Christian Aid, Member Agency of APRODEV)

Manual 1:  Introduction to FTA
Manual 2: Inside EU Trade Policy
Manual 3:  FTA and Market Access
Manual 4:  FTA and Services
Manual 5:  FTA and Investment
Manual 6:  FTA and Competition
Manual 7:  FTA and Procurement
Manual 8:  FTA and Intellectual Property



World Trade Organisation Agreement on Agriculture 2003 – 2005

Trade Liberalisation in Agriculture: Lessons from the first 10 years of the WTO, by Devinder Sharma for APRODEV, December 2005
Rebalancing the Agreement on Agriculture in favour of the Poor, APRODEV Position Paper, December 2005

Agriculture, a litmus test for development!, APRODEV response to Commissioners Lamy and Fischler on matters of dumping, export subsidies and effective protection, May 2004
Environment taking the back seat, Report on WTO trade rules MEA by APRODEV member Church of Sweden and Diakonia
Please, give the Peace Clause no chance!, APRODEV submission to WTO General Council, 15 December 2003
Report of the Geneva Hearing on the Agreement on Agriculture, by APRODEV et al, February 2003
Follow-up reflection on Cancun, APRODEV submission to the EU, November 2003
Evaluation of the Cancun 5th WTO Ministerial meeting: “Success or Failure for whom?”, by APRODEV, October 2003
Press release at Cancun ministerial meeting, APRODEV, 15 September 2003

EU position in the WTO negotiations at the 5th Ministerial Meeting in Cancun, APRODEV Position PAper, September 2003
WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancún, Mexico – TRIPS Agreement and patents on seeds, APRODEV, August 2003


Request for a fair sharing of the burden of EU sugar reform 2005

Christian Aid briefing: The Opportunities and Risks of Aid for Trade

Reform of the Sugar Regime in the European Union, Policy Recommendations from a development perspective, 2005