Report on the Right to Food in Guatemala

ACT Alliance EU, CIFCA and CIDSE networks and social movements launch the long-awaited report on the 3rd International Mission on the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition  and the situation of human rights defenders in Guatemala.

The Mission undertook intensive fieldwork and held several meetings with state offices and with the international community. The objective was to receive and update information on the six emblematic cases of human rights violations and on the attacks of human rights defenders: La Puya, San Rafael Las Flores, Valle del Polochic, La Blanca/ Ocós, Xalalá and Camotán. In addition, the meetings addressed the problems that hinder the full realisation of the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition.

Based on this work, the Mission reached a series of conclusions related to: access to and control over natural resources; free, prior, informed consent and access to information; addressing hunger and malnutrition; the role of private sector; the situation of human rights defenders; and the situation of women.

You can download:

The Executive Summary in English

The Executive Summary in Spanish

The Full Report in Spanish