SDG Watch 2019: Who is Paying the Bill? CAP externalities

The Common Agricultural Policy of Europe: Leaving farmers in the Global South go Hungry for Justice…. Who is paying the bill-CAP externalities-K Ulmer-ACT EU

Article first published in SDG Watch Europe (2019) Spotlight Report on Sustainability in Europe, Who is paying the bill? (Negative) impacts of EU policies and practices in the world. See full report here

On average, the EU has one of the world’s worst environmental footprint per capita, with our unsustainable lifestyles based on resource and labour exploitations in other parts of the world.¬† Taking policy coherence¬† into account also means closely monitoring the spill-over effects and setting goals to limit them. But Eurostat does not include externalities in their SDG reporting. Despite its commitment to the 2030 agenda, the EU continues to largley ignore the negative impacts that some of its policies and practice have on other parts of the world.