Training Guide: EU Advocacy on Central America

Training Guide

This Guide has been developed as a tool for learning and training for advocacy work in relation to EU policies with Central America.

It consolidates shared information and materials produced during a series of training workshops
held in Europe and Central America and during our day-to-day efforts to strengthen our institutional work.

This guide incorporates the practical experience of our work, and we have included examples of our actions carried out over the years, to facilitate understanding and the practical application of the

The Guide is divided into three parts:

In Part I – The European Union, its main institutions and bodies.

Part II – The European Union’s policies on Central America and other instruments – is an introduction
to the EU’s foreign policy on Central America.

Finally, in Part III – How to carry out political advocacy with the EU – different tools and
techniques are presented for advocacy.

The Training Guide is available in:

The printed version of this Guide is supplemented by an online version (available at – in Spanish only) which includes access to resources
produced by the ACT Alliance EU and CIFCA networks and other civil society organisations, as
well as important links that can be used to increase knowledge on the different issues, presented
in such a way as to enable quick access to specialised information on relations between the
European Union and Central America.