Une Europe plus forte sur la scène internationale

Time for a visionary EU Global Strategy

Together with CONCORD and with the Human Rights and Democracy Network, ACT Alliance EU sent strong messages to the EU on the need for the EU Global Strategy to adress the root causes of today’s global challenges, especially inequality, through a gender and human rights-based approach in fore...


What's in the new European Consensus on Development

In June 2017, the European institutions and the EU member states adopted a new Consensus on Development presenting their collective vision and plan of action to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development. The consensus contains a lot of good principles and intentions but also a number of...

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Everything But Arms and Land Conflicts in Cambodia

NGO letter from July 2017 to EU Commissioner on Trade and High Representative on Foreign Policy expresses deep concern about the lack of progress regarding the independent audit to assess the complaints about land disputes in the sugar sector in Cambodia.... CSO Letter Land Issue in Cambodia FINA...


9 essential elements for EU implementation of the SDGs

This CONCORD paper highlights 9 essential elements that the EU and its Member States should integrate in their plans for the implementation of the SDGs. Read the paper


New direction for EU Development Policy and Cooperation

The briefing paper presents an overview of current trends in EU development policy  and how they might influence decision making processes on the EU Consensus on Development, the MFF mid-term review or the post 2020 EU-ACP relations. Read the briefing


Keeping Seeds in Peoples' Hands

16 November 2016 The EU launch of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 on Keeping Seeds in Peoples' Hands  allowed the first public debate within the European Parliament on the international dimension of seed policies and regulations as well as  the implicit role of the EU. Invitation...

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