Policy Papers

Our Land is Our Life - Webinar at Africa-Europe VENRO conference on 16 October 2020

ACT EU co-organises the "Our Land is Our Life" - Webinar at Africa-Europe VENRO conference on 16 October 2020. Find registration link and further information here See also African Civil Society Declaration on the African European Union Partnership, December 2020 Find link here For the worksho...

ACT Alliance EU submission on EU Generalised System of Preferences consultation - July 2020

ACT-EU GSP submission -Contributionec39e60b-674a-4415-88f9-93c97107d585

ACT Alliance EU submission to EU Trade Policy Review September 2020

actalliance-eu submission trade policy review 9-2020

ACT EU submission on Farm-to-Fork: strengthen regulatory framework on sustainable food systems

ACT Alliance EU submission to the consultation on European Green Deal: Farm to Fork Strategy on Sustainable Food, 13 March 2020. The suggestion is for a co-regulatory function of the EU on the Voluntary  Sustainability Standards  (VSS) for food that addresses the international dimension and all acto...

Recommendations for a people-centred and transformative EU-Africa strategy

This paper published in May 2020 is based on ACT Alliance EU`s analysis of the joint EC/EEAS communication, Towards a comprehensive strategy with Africa. We believe that a comprehensive strategy between the EU and Africa must be based on the priorities and objectives of both sides, and aim for mutua...

European Green Deal must strengthen partner countries’ recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

This joint NGO Statement on the role of the European Green Deal  in the EU short and longer-term global response to the  COVID-19 crisis accompanies a set of recommendations from NGOs in February 2020 on Making the European Green Deal Work for International Partnerships

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