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EU trade policies

This resource page provides background information published by ACT Alliance EU, previously APRODEV, on EU trade and investment policies with developing countries, bilateral trade negotiations and WTO negotiations on the Agreement on Agriculture... For resources on Economic Partnership Agreement,...


ACT Alliance EU - Policy position and factsheet on "EU policy towards Gaza"

ACT Alliances EU gives its recommendations on how Europe can improve the daily lives on people in Gaza and support justice.


ACT Alliance EU Statement and factsheet on EU policy on Area C of the West Bank

ACT Alliance EU gives its recommendations on how Europe can counter Israeli settlement policy in Area C of the West Bank (forthcoming)

Dismatled ECHO shelter in the West Bank (Itay)

ACT Alliance EU letter to EU Member States on demolitions and confiscations incidents affecting EU-funded humanitarian aid in Area C of the West Bank

ACT Alliance EU is calling on Member States to address the shrinking space for humanitarian actors operating in Area C without delay and to held Israel authorities accountable for this destruction. Read it here

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ACT Alliance position on sustainable development finance

ACT Alliance calls on governments meeting at the UN Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa to create a more stable and fair financial system and ensure that both public and private financial resources are appropriately harnessed to achieve sustainable development for all. See the pos...

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Civil society contributions to realizing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

This paper provides recommendations for EU and MS to support the CSOs roles as analysts and advocates on strategies, policies, budgets and programmes; as implementers for sustainable development and capacity builders and as awareness raisers and citizen engagers. Read the paper    

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