NDCI letter May 2019

Letter to EU ministers on climate and environmental action in development funding

Ahead of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 16 May,ACT Alliance EU, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Oxfam EU, Conservation International and Wetlands International write to EU ministers to highlight how the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) can support d...

Civil Society demands on the future of CAP 2018

Civil Society demands on the future of Common Agricultural Policy

We urge MEPs to amend the following articles of the proposed regulation by the European Commission on establishing rules on support for strategic plans in the spirit of our five key demands.  See  Civil Societies demands on the future CAP - Final version - 30 Nov 2018  

EU FTA Indonesia

Planting the forest at the root of EU Indonesia trade relationship - new report on human rights, biodiversity and forests

Planting the forest at the root of EU Indonesia trade relationship: Human Rights, Biodiversity and Forests:  The cornerstones of a 21st century free trade agreement. Jointly published by ACT Alliance EU, Transport & Environment, Eurogroup for Animals and Fern, Brussels, December 2018 For p...

Capture for aid watch 2018


In 2017, the EU and its 28 member states (EU28) remained the biggest development donor worldwide. However, the level of ODA decreased for the first time in six years. In 2017, EUmember states disbursed €72.65 billion of ODA, almost 3% less than in 2016. This decrease is justified by the reduction in...

Securing land rights - Role of EU institutions picture

Securing land rights of vulnerable communities: How can EU institutions bring about change?

Workshop report for reflection of a seminar organised by ACT Alliance EU Working Group on Food Security on 18 October 2017, see  Securing land rights - Workshop Report FINAL (actalliance eu 2018)

Analysis of the climate finance reporting of the EU

ANALYSIS: An analysis of the Climate Finance Reporting of the European Union

The EU and its Member States constitute the largest donor for development, humanitarian and climate finance to developing countries. However, looking exclusively at amounts of money would be misleading. In order to properly evaluate the effect for development on poor and vulnerable countries, we nee...

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