Securing land rights of vulnerable communities: How can EU institutions bring about change?

Workshop report for reflection of a seminar organised by ACT Alliance EU Working Group on Food Security on 18 October 2017, see  Securing land rights - Workshop Report FINAL (actalliance eu 2018)

ANALYSIS: An analysis of the Climate Finance Reporting of the European Union

The EU and its Member States constitute the largest donor for development, humanitarian and climate finance to developing countries. However, looking exclusively at amounts of money would be misleading. In order to properly evaluate the effect for development on poor and vulnerable countries, we nee...

New Report! The Scandal of Inequality: the multiples faces of inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean

A new Christian Aid report, 'The Scandal of Inequality: the multiples faces of inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean' highlights that inequality in the region based on identity, gender, economic situation, climate change impact or geographic location remains an outrage. These inequalities i...

New DFI Report: the need for more scrutiny to prevent land grabs and deforestation

ACT Alliance EU co-publishes new DFI report: The need for further independent scrutiny to prevent EU taxpayers funding land grabs and deforestation DFIs&LandGrabs  

Scaling Up Agroecology

ACT Alliance Agencies contribute to publication on experiences from partner countries with agro-ecological practices, see EAA_ScalingUpAgroecology2012    

Good Food Good Farming - CAP4all!

CAP 2020: CSO Statement on the Reform of European Agricultural Policies, March 2017 see: csos_common_statement_on_european_agricultural_policies Europe's food and farming system contributes to a wasteful use of finite global resources and damages the environment. Factory-style farming has been...

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