Joint NGO letter calling on emission cuts in European agriculture

Joint NGO letter 13 May 2016 calling on Commissioner Hogan and Agricultural Council to ensure that agricultural sector will not be exempted from efforts to reduce emissions. This is essential to avoid conflicts with the EU's international climate commitments. The call is for a move towards a sustain...

The Paris Climate Agreement Analysis

This new publication, written by ACT Alliance and its German member agency, Bread for the World, analyses the Paris Agreement with a special focus on the communities who will face the greatest climate change impacts. "While the agreement is not perfect, and a lot of work still need to be done to...

Report on EU support to the justice and security sectors in Guatemala and Honduras

ACT Alliance EU and CIFCA networks are pleased to share the new report: “Analysis on European Union security and cooperation programmes in Guatemala and Honduras”, commissioned by both networks and HIVOS. The study analyses the European Union cooperation programmes for 2007-2013 which support...

EU Funding delivery mechanisms

This CONCORD paper tries to answer to the multiple questions Civil Society organisations have on the EC funding modalities for development cooperation. See the paper here  

Diakonia IHL Resource Centre's legal brief - "Litigating Settlements"

This report reflects on the legal implication of the Rome Statute over Israel's settlement policy given that no case considered by the Israeli judicial system has reversed or otherwise meaningfully restrained Israel's settlement policy.

Diakonia IHL Center legal brief "From fact-finding to ending impunity"

A UN Commission of Inquiry dispatched by the HRC to look into violations of international humanitarian law by the Israeli military and by Palestinian armed groups during the latest conflcit in and around Gaza. This leagl brief looks into the implications of its finding for the international communit...

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