Space for civil society: how to protect and expand an enabling environment

This study is the outcome of a research process that involved more than hundred organisations to document the perceptions of a wide range of civil society to better understand the strategies civil society uses to engage and protect their space, even in restrictive environments.   See th...

Diakonia IHL Center report on "Israeli rule of law in the OPT 2010-2013"

In this report, our member Diakonia explains how the prolonged nature of Israel’s occupation over Palestine is exploited by Israel’s Supreme Court to expand the powers of the occupier beyond the remit of international law. Find the report here 

EU Budget 2014-2020 - Fit for the Fight against Global Poverty?

This CONCORD paper provides an overview and assessment of the whole MFF process and its outcome and looks at their implications for the future implementation of EU external cooperation instruments. See the report here

Diakonia IHL Centre's - "Planning to Fail: The planning regime in Area C of the West Bank"

ACT Alliance EU' s member Diakonia argues that the planning and zonning regime, with which European countries continue to engage for development aid delivery, is illegal under IHL and also facilitates forcible transfer and settlement expansion. Find the report here.  

Development and Religion - A discussion paper

This discussion paper was written by a group of colleagues in APRODEV member organisations, and was accepted by the APRODEV General Assembly in 2012. The objective of this document is to enhance the awareness of the importance of the issue of development and religion within the APRODEV family of age...

New EU development cooperation strategies in Latin America: LAIF

Analysis of the increasing role that financial institutions and the European private sector are playing in development cooperation policies between the EU and Latin America. The case of the Latin America Investment Facility. Download: - The report in Spanish - The report in English  ...

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