Trade Away Peace: How Europe helps sustain illegal Israeli settlements

This joint report of ACT Alliance EU (formerly APRODEV) gives recommendation to the EU in how to stop contributing to the economic life in the Israeli settlements and, by virtue of this, in their consolidation and expansion. Read here

ACT Alliance EU (formerly APRODEV) and EMHRN report on "EU-Israel relations: promoting and ensuring respect for international law "

In this report, ACT Alliance EU the EU unveiled that the EU was not conducting its contractual relations with Israel in full compliance with its own obligations and that it was also failing to make full use of EU-Israel cooperation instruments and for a promote Israel's compliance with international...

The future of EU cooperation in Central America in support of people or business?

With the 2007-2013 financial framework of the EU, a debate on the future of the EU development cooperation raised. The outcomes of this discussion and the future of EU development cooperation have an impact on the billions of people living in poverty around the world. As part of this important debat...

Legal and Equity option for a post-2012 climate regime

In 2009 a report was published by APRODEV and its member development agencies in the run-up to the COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The findings and options presented in this report are valuable and necessary options for an equitable, just and legally-binding post-2012 international climate agreement....

UN Climate Fund, for a equitable financial mechanism under the UNFCCC

Report: UN Climate Fund, for a equitable financial mechanism under the UNFCCC 2009

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