Stolen Land Stolen Future

An advocacy focus of our work over the last years has been on land grabs and human rights violations in Cambodia. [embed][/embed] See also NGO Lltter to Commissioner Malmstrom and HR Mogherini 15 January 2016; NGO letter to Commissioner de Gucht,...


Aid to the private sector: promoting responsible investments?

This video summarizes the views of experts and civil society representatives during the event, "Aid to the private sector: promoting responsible investments? Latin America as a testing ground", organised by ACT Alliance EU, ALOP, CIFCA, Grupo Sur and Eurodad at the European Parliament in Brussels....


Public Hearing in Bajo Aguán, Honduras

Public hearing on the human rights situation of the peasant communities in Bajo Aguán, May 28, 2012 in Tocoa, Honduras. In this video, the victims and their families gave their testimonies to an international audience, visibilizing the human rights violations suffered by peasants communities in B...

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