Climate Change

Since the 19th century the earth’s climate system has been changing due to human industrial activities based on fossil fuels and energy-intensive lifestyles. Consequently slow onset changes and extreme weather events becoming more intense and frequent already impact all of us around the world, but endangering more the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable who have contributed the least to global warming. ACT Alliance EU fights this injustice and undertakes targeted lobby and advocacy work to eliminate the causes of climate change, to provide adequate support for building resilient societies and to promote sustainable solutions for a better development eradicating poverty in the long term.

The climate-related losses and damages are what is considered being beyond normal. These consequences are categorised as losses and damages when mitigation and adaptation actions are insufficient to prevent climate-related natural disasters to damage or permanently lose infrastructures, habitations, ecosystems, underground water reserves, crops and so on. Since 2015, Loss & Damage is recognised as the third pillar of the Paris Agreement allowing the development of solutions to better manage risks and to help communities facing catastrophes and displacements.


Leave no one behind in Paris

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