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The EU and Latin and Central America

ACT Alliance EU members have a history of almost 30 years working and supporting communities in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Today, these countries are among the poorest, the most unequal and violent in Latin America. This also means that disasters produced by climate change impacts them highly. The European Union is a relevant political and economic actor in the region and its policies and actions should contribute to positive change.

The ACT Alliance EU Advocacy Programme on Central America (PICA) seeks to monitor and influence EU policies in Central America to bring about transparent, democratic and participatory actions, thus contributing to the realisation of human rights, gender equality and the eradication of poverty in Central America. Our work focuses in three main areas: peace, justice and security; sustainable development and climate justice and the space for civil society participation.

There is extended evidence that the space for civil society participation in Central American countries is reducing. Organisations and activists who promote human rights and defend their territory and the rights of indigenous peoples are particularly affected in their work: they are persecuted, defamed, stigmatized and criminalized either by legal reforms or repressive security policies.

In addition, their participation in the formulation, monitoring and control of public policies is increasingly limited, as is also their access to funds for their work. The European Union, having recognized the importance and relevance of a strong and active civil society and its contribution to the development of their countries, needs to make an effective use of its policies and instruments in support of Central American civil society.

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