The EU and the Middle East

ACT Alliance EU works towards achieving a just peace that ends the occupation of Palestine. This comprises ensuring accountability for serious violations of international law and guaranteeing viable statehood for all.

Our advocacy was a pioneer in addressing the failures of the EU and its member States to pursue their contractual relations with Israel and Palestine in accordance with international law. We also actively advocate for the end of the forcible transfer of Palestinians within the West Bank and work to ensure that humanitarian needs of Palestinians are met in a consistent, timely and principled manner.

Last, but not least, we call on the EU to support the establishment of accountability mechanisms that put an end to the prevailing climate of impunity.

Our work is informed and reinforced by the contributions of over 100 local partners and from cooperation with other advocacy organisations in Europe.

ACT Alliance EU believes that impunity has undermined the trust needed to bring about peace and security between Israelis and Palestinians – allowing violence against civilians to recur. Credible and impartial prosecution for serious crimes could deter parties to the conflict from committing further atrocities.

ACT Alliance EU, therefore, calls on the EU to address the lack of accountability in Israel and Palestine as a matter of priority. We advocate for the implementation of EU commitments to promote compliance with international humanitarian law – including with regards EU’s fight against impunity.

ACT Alliance EU supports Palestine’s ratification of the Rome Statute and also encourages the opening of credible, independent investigation by all the parties of the conflict on all allegations of serious violations of humanitarian law. We also monitor the process of domestic investigations and bring this information to our interlocutors.

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