Development Policy and Practice

Re-balancing the European Union security and economic interests with its development policy objectives and its values of democracy, solidarity and respect for human rights is a major challenge for the coming years. The issue is not only about policy coherence for sustainable development but also about using EU financial resources and cooperation instruments for the right purpose and with the right impact in a political context dominated by an economic crisis agenda, global competition for natural resources and land, growing inequalities and shrinking space for civil society.

Building on evidence from its members, ACT Alliance EU aims at influencing EU policy making, legislation and practice which impact on human rights, equality and inclusiveness, particularly for women and girls and the implementation of the sustainable development goals so that all people can realise their full potential and enjoy their rights protected by international law, conventions and norms.


News Highlights

Development money to fund the military

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High time to move on EU Strategy for Agenda 2030

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Une Europe plus forte sur la scène internationale
Time for a visionary EU Global Strategy

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Attacks on Hatefree campaign and Czech Diaconia

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9 essential elements for EU implementation of the SDGs

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EUD report2
CONCORD EU Delegations report 2017

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NGO recommendations for an external investment plan fit for development

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New direction for EU Development Policy and Cooperation

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