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act alliance eu

A network of European faith-based development and humanitarian NGOs

Who we Are

Welcome to ACT Alliance EU – a network of European church-based humanitarian and development NGOs.

We long for a world where all people, in all their diversity, live a life marked by dignity, free from poverty, and in societies that are just and fair.

Along with our members, we advocate for humanitarian and development policies and actions that enable lasting social, economic and environmental change.

We emphasise the importance of a diverse and vibrant civil society. Central to our work is the conviction that local communities and actors are best placed to lead change and make informed decisions about how development and humanitarian aid can meet their needs.


We advocate for a shift in power towards local actors, who face huge barriers to funding and decision making in humanitarian response.

As Israel's key economic partner and a major Palestinian donor, the EU holds a pivotal role in advancing a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

Our Members

We are a diverse network of 12 European church-based NGOs working on disaster relief, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

We are also linked to the global ACT Alliance, a network of 145 Protestant and Orthodox churches and humanitarian organisations operating in over 120 countries.

Logo of Act Church of Sweden
Logo of Brot Für die Welt
Logo of Christian Aid
Logo of DanChurchAid in white featuring a stylised fish symbol to the left, with the acronym 'DCA' in bold uppercase letters beside it, and the words 'actalliance' in lowercase letters directly underneath.
Logo of DECCB
Logo of Diakonia Sweden
Logo of Diakonie ACT Austria, featuring the word 'Diakonie' in bold white uppercase letters, followed by 'ACT Austria' in smaller uppercase letters, with a graphic of a gift box substituting for the 'o' in 'Diakonie.
Logo of Finn Church Aid
Logo of Icelandic Church Aid featuring a stylised cross within a circle
Logo of Kerk in Actie in white
Logo of Norwegian Church Aid
Collage of three close-up pictures of DCA, Diakonia Czech Republic, and NCA Secretaries General.

Affirming our unique role as development & humanitarian NGOs: interview with ACT EU member CEOs

Following ACT Alliance EU’s General Assembly, we interviewed three of the CEOs of our member organisations – DCA Secretary General Jonas Vejsager Nøddekær, Diakonia Czech Republic Executive Director Kinga Komorowska, and NCA Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten—to hear their perspectives on the alarming trends in national development and humanitarian agendas and learn more about the steps being taken to navigate and influence the evolving global landscape.  

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ACT Alliance EU members attending the external event on Advancing gender justice in challenging times, organised during ACT Alliance EU General Assembly in May 2024.

Faith Actors: Progressive Forces in Advancing Gender Justice

At a recent ACT Alliance EU roundtable, EU officials, FBOs and NGOs discussed the role of religious perspectives in gender equality. The event highlighted how Faith Actors can bridge divides, foster dialogue on SRHR, CSE, and LGBTQI+ rights. Faith leaders are driving change by challenging traditional gender norms and advocating for human rights.

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A preview of the body of the letter.

New EU Development Approach Threatens Decades of Progress

The EU must ensure its actions are in harmony with the values and fundamental objectives of poverty eradication and sustainable development. The Rights Based Approach and the principle of ‘Leave No One Behind’ is central to our common ethos and must remain at the heart of EU development policies.

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