Fair and Sustainable Development

We promote social, economic, and environmental changes led by local actors and communities. Sustainable development must contribute to just and equitable societies, leaving no one behind. As a main donor and a powerful international actor, we believe that the European Union has a role and responsibility in supporting that objective.

In a nutshell

Our advocacy work aims to hold the European Union accountable to its development policy objectives and its values of democracy, solidarity and respect for human rights. In a multi-polar world dominated by competition, it is essential to balance the EU’s economic and geopolitical interests with its role and responsibility as a main donor, investor, and trading partner of developing countries. The issue is not only about policy coherence for sustainable development but also about ensuring that EU development cooperation finance and instruments result in positive change in the lives of people affected by poverty and injustice.

We focus on the EU’s cooperation with African states that benefit from the biggest share of the EU’s official development aid, and are viewed as strategic partners by the EU in pursuing its economic, security and migration-related objectives.

Building on evidence from our members’ work, we advocate to enhance EU and Member States’ support, both in quantity and quality, for a rights-based and community-centred sustainable development that leaves no one behind. We emphasise the importance of shifting ownership and leadership of development processes to local and national actors at both institutional and civil society level.

A girl in class in the Bahadon Second Cycle School in Timbuktu, a city in northern Mali which was seized by Islamist fighters in 2012 and then liberated by French and Malian soldiers in early 2013.

current priorities

  • Social protection as a driver of social and economic rights and resilience
  • Enhancing food security and human development in EU cooperation with African countries
  • Promoting gender justice through the implementation of the EU Gender Action Plan
  • Improving quality and quantity in EU Financing for Development