About Us

ACT Alliance EU, a network of 12 European faith-based organisations, actively influences EU policy in humanitarian aid and development. Our members – European Church-related humanitarian and development organisations – are dedicated to combating poverty and injustice. As part of the global ACT Alliance, we contribute to a vast collaborative effort spanning 120+ countries in humanitarian, development, and advocacy work.

Our Network

With over three decades of EU advocacy and policy experience, ACT Alliance EU combines the knowledge and expertise of its members and partners. This means our advocacy is rooted in on-the-ground realities, ensuring a practical and informed approach to influencing EU policy and practice.

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Vision & Approach

We envision a world where individuals, in all their diversity, live in dignity within fair and equitable societies that respect human rights. Our goal is to influence European external relations, humanitarian aid, and development cooperation policies. We aim for these policies to be rights-based, equitable, and centered on people and communities, ensuring human security and dignity for all.
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Distinctive features

ACT Alliance EU blends policy and advocacy expertise in Brussels with grassroots insights from members and partners. This allows us to offer well-informed and balanced perspectives in our advocacy. We emphasise the significance of local ownership and community involvement in humanitarian and development processes. As a network of progressive faith-based organisations, we bring unique insights to the intersection of religion with development and humanitarian outcomes. A key strength lies in our understanding of diverse worldviews, cultural practices, and social norms shaped by faith.
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ACT Alliance:
Our Global Connection

ACT Alliance EU is linked to the global ACT Alliance, a network of 145 Protestant and Orthodox churches and humanitarian organisations operating in over 120 countries. This connection with the global ACT Alliance enhances our work’s reach and depth. Our collaboration allows collective advocacy not only within the European Union, but also towards the African Union, the UN, and beyond. The reciprocal relationship strengthens efforts against global poverty and injustice, and ensures that our views take account of and speak into the broader global narrative. We aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of people and communities, guided by our shared vision of a fair, equitable world where human rights are respected.
An ACT Alliance aid worker, seen from behind, wearing a vest with the organisation's logo, engages with a group of local community members in a drought-affected region of Kenya.