Front page, Annual Report 2023
ACT EU Annual Report

Annual Report 2023

Responding to the unprecedented challenges of 2023, ACT Alliance EU served as a critical advocate and influencer in the humanitarian and development sector. We outline our activities in the Annual Report 2023.

This annual report provides a detailed overview of our activities, achievements, and commitments over the year. It reflects our dedication to responsibility and accountability as an international actor and development partner.

In 2023, we focussed on enhancing localisation, strengthening civil society engagement, and reshaping donor-NGO dynamics.

We participated in pivotal events, organised workshops, and advocated for critical issues. Each endeavour aligns with our overarching goals and values.

Highlights from 2023

The year 2023 was marked by several impactful engagements and initiatives that furthered our mission. Notable highlights include:

  • Strategic Advocacy and Engagement: we conducted a series of advocacy initiatives, including running a session at the Autumn PAG meeting with DG INTPA and the Belgian MFA on social protection, organising an online exchange with DG INTPA and ECHO on transformative gender approaches under GAP III, and providing input to an NGO consultation on ECHO’s localisation guidance.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Information-Sharing with Members: we organised EU stakeholder meetings involving ACT EU members and local partners at the European Humanitarian Forum and facilitated debrief and strategic planning sessions with ACT Alliance humanitarian directors following localisation focus group discussions. Additionally, we addressed concerns about EU development funding in a joint webinar with Caritas Europa and EU-Cord.
  • Strategic Planning: in 2023, we launched the ACT Alliance EU Visibility and Communications plan with the goal of enhancing our outreach and advocacy strategies and maximising our impact.

For a comprehensive overview of our activities and achievements, please refer to the document available here.


As we reflect on the achievements of 2023, we are inspired by the collective efforts and unwavering commitment of our team, partners, and stakeholders. Moving forward, ACT Alliance EU remains dedicated to advancing sustainable development, promoting human rights, and fostering inclusive partnerships that leave a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported and collaborated with us on this journey, and we look forward to continued collaboration and progress in the years to come.