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Development Policy and Practice

Re-balancing the European Union security and economic interests with its development policy objectives and its values of democracy, solidarity and respect for human rights is a major challenge for the coming years.

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Food Security

ACT Alliance EU monitors relevant developments in EU trade and EU agricultural policies that impact on agricultural markets and food security in the South. We work to increase policy space for developing countries to support sustainable agricultural

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Climate Change

Since 1850 the earth's climate system has been changing due to human industrial activities based on fossil fuels and energy-intensive lifestyles. Consequently slow onset changes and extreme weather events becoming more intense and frequent already impact a

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The EU and the Middle East

ACT Alliance EU works towards achieving a just peace that ends the occupation of Palestine. This comprises ensuring accountability for serious violations of international law and guaranteeing viable statehood for all.

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The EU and Latin and Central America

ACT Alliance EU members have a history of almost 30 years working and supporting communities in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Today, these countries are among the poorest, most unequal and violent in Latin America.

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Photos from our Rohingya Response work, focusing primarily on awareness raising (WASH) with Clowns without Borders and WASH kit distributions.

Refugees and Migration

Migration and asylum are central topics of controversial discussion in the European Union and its member states. ACT Alliance EU follows changes in these policy areas and argues for human rights sensitive and sustainable EU migration and refugee policy.

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