Climate Change

Since the 19th century the earth’s climate system has been changing due to human industrial activities based on fossil fuels and energy-intensive lifestyles. Consequently slow onset changes and extreme weather events becoming more intense and frequent already impact all of us around the world, but endangering more the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable who have contributed the least to global warming. ACT Alliance EU fights this injustice and undertakes targeted lobby and advocacy work to eliminate the causes of climate change, to provide adequate support for building resilient societies and to promote sustainable solutions for a better development eradicating poverty in the long term.

News Highlights

(c) COP25 Presidency. UNFCCC
UN Climate Talks miss the Call to Action and end without Climate Justice

Developing countries are facing, extreme climate impacts one after the other, that they are struggling to find relief fr... Read More

EU takes a step toward taking bold action on climate change

EU takes a step toward taking bold action on climate change   The UN Climate Talks are taking place against t... Read More

Vulnerable, developing countries need the European Green Deal to outline bold action, to help reduce the risks of loss a...

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ACT NOW for Climate Justice logo
UN Climate Action Summit: We need a faster pace of Action in Europe

Brussels, 23 September 2019   Global leaders, including European Council President, Donald Tusk and European... Read More

Press Release: Ambition & Equity must frame European Summit

Today will be the biggest decision on climate change that EU leaders make in 2019 so far. ACT Alliance EU calls upon EU... Read More

Press Release: "Our new European Parliament must care for Creation"

  “Our new European Parliament must care for Creation”, says ACT Alliance EU   Tuesday, 14 May 2019... Read More


(c) COP25 Presidency. UNFCCC
COP25 Press Release: How Can the EU Ensure that COP25 Results in Climate Just Outcomes?

How Can the EU Ensure that COP25 Results in Climate Just Outcomes?   As COP25 in Madrid, Spain begins, ACT Allianc... Read More

ACT EU COP25 paper
COP25 Expectations Paper: How can the EU ensure that COP25 results in Climate Just outcomes?

ACT Alliance EU: COP25 Expectations Paper COP25: 2nd – 13th December – Madrid, Spain Globally, developing countrie... Read More

NDCI letter May 2019
Letter to EU ministers on climate and environmental action in development funding

Ahead of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 16 May,ACT Alliance EU, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Oxfam EU, Conser... Read More