Climate Change

Since the 19th century the earth’s climate system has been changing due to human industrial activities based on fossil fuels and energy-intensive lifestyles. Consequently slow onset changes and extreme weather events becoming more intense and frequent already impact all of us around the world, but endangering more the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable who have contributed the least to global warming. ACT Alliance EU fights this injustice and undertakes targeted lobby and advocacy work to eliminate the causes of climate change, to provide adequate support for building resilient societies and to promote sustainable solutions for a better development eradicating poverty in the long term.

Climate change impacts are affecting all of us in every regions of the globe, but with different level of intensity. To decarbonise an economy, to adapt to climate change impacts such as heavy rainfalls, extreme droughts, melting glaciers or heavy storms and to cope consequently with damages and losses, the related costs can be tremendous. In the North, there are enough financial means and knowledge to address these changes. However people in the South living at the poverty level do not have such means and need support. Such help must be provided among other solutions with financial support based on solidarity and polluter-pays principles.

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