The upper part of the booklet cover shows a woman holding a protest sign during a march for women's rights in Nepal.

Advancing Gender Justice in Challenging Times

Examples of Projects by ACT Alliance Members

In a world where faith perspectives can both challenge and champion gender equality, women’s and LGBTQI+ rights, and SRHR, ACT Alliance EU stands as a leading network of progressive faith-based humanitarian and development organisations dedicated to advocating for human rights and gender justice.

This booklet showcases concrete examples on how ACT Alliance EU members contribute to countering the backlash against progressive gender policies and shrinking civic space. It features detailed case studies from various countries, including:

  • Argentina: Strengthening gender justice narratives within local churches.
  • Sweden: Developing tools for engaging with gender, sexuality, and religion.
  • Honduras: Advocating for the decriminalisation of emergency contraceptives.
  • Nigeria: Engaging faith and traditional leaders to promote gender justice.
  • Uganda: Collaborating with women’s organisations to change discriminatory laws.
  • Bangladesh: Addressing gender-based violence among Rohingya refugees.
  • Jordan: Empowering women through training in traditionally male-dominated professions.

These examples contributed to the Roundtable discussion on “Advancing Gender Justice in Difficult Times – What Role for Faith Based Organisations and the EU?“, organised during the annual ACT Alliance EU General Assembly of 29 May 2024.