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How to strengthen Civil Society space and participation in future EU-ACP relations

In a context of growing criticism and restriction of civil society action in all parts of the world it is essential for the future EU-ACP agreement to defend the space and role of civil society and to put human rights, freedom of expression and opinion, association and peaceful assembly at its core....

A woman reading a book next to a graffiti illustrating the 5th priority of the Juncker's Commission: "A deeper and fairer economic and monetary union", at an artist collectiv called Les Frigos, in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris, France.

EFSD+: stronger safeguards are needed when using ODA to leverage investments

ACT Alliance EU is seriously concerned by the proposal put forward by the European Commission for the creation of a new European Fund for Sustainable Development ‘Plus’ (EFSD+). Compared to the existing EFSD regulation, the new EC proposal provides much less predictability, regulation and safegua...


Blog Caring for land, water and the rights of Peasants, by Karin Ulmer

Caring for land, water and the rights of Peasants Blog:  written by Karin Ulmer for ACT Alliance/ Season of Creation    


Letter to EDFI - European Development Finance Institutions Sept 2018

NGO letter to European Platform of Development Finance Institutions on impact of land-based investments 20 September 2018 (link)  

Brexit seminar 22 Feb picture

Seminar on implications of Brexit for ACP Countries and Post-Cotonou negotiations

Seminar Brexit impact on ACP countries 22 Jan 2018 (programme)

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